Prep Production



Trim, peel, slice, chop, dice, cube, grate, shred, julienne, fondant, parisienne, baton, cocotte, wedge, solferino, ribbon, diamond, cylinder. At Wellocks, we have a team of highly skilled individuals who take the finest ingredients and give them the same level of care and precision that you would. Our Pre-prep service can be an extension of your own team, ready and waiting to prep produce to your exact specifications. There are hundreds of products to choose from – and if you can’t find what you are looking for, try Wellocks Bespoke Service.


Wellocks Bespoke offers you complete support in the kitchen. Over the years we’ve trained up our fantastic team and expanded our range so that we can help produce your current menu with products prepped by us. Designed to save you time, manage labour costs and keep your margins high, it also leaves your chefs free to concentrate on what they like doing best – cooking. Get in touch to arrange a visit from our Prep Specialist Andy Parker to discuss how we can help.

To find out more or place an order, log in to your online ordering account, or contact our Chef Support Team via 08444 993 444. To arrange a Prep Specialist visit, please contact Andy Parker via